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it drives me utterly nutty when people don't update. and then i realized, neither do i. so rather than actually bitch and whine about the lack of updates to read, i'm going to update. bigtime.
(or try to...)

school ended last friday for me, WOO! and it turns out that i was right, and didn't receive my A. which means that last test, i scored below a 92. had it been above, i would have been guaranteed my A. dammit. but i got a B+, and so my gpa (which i NEVER cared about while at roberts) is a 3.767... shoot. oh well, i should be pleased, and really all i wanted to begin with was a B in the
class. i figure it balances out pretty well. (still really irritated with the B+, but can't do much about it now.)

also, i got word from the wegs scholarship office, that i am one of the recipients for the wegs scholarship. go me. :) i'm pleased about that, and will still spend some time this summer looking for other scholarships to pay for school because i don't have the money otherwise. i'm pleased that wegs feels i'm worthy of it though, yay!

grey's anatomy ended for the season, AND i just found out they are moving to thursdays. which doesn't please me, but the season finale was good, moving, edge of your seat kind of situations. sad for izzy, wondering what meredith is going to do, waiting for my own mcdreamy. hee hee.

sunday school is ending, which is good because i am honestly burned out on ideas for this year. its really tougher than i thought running a program entirely on your own. the CE committee is pretty much a joke. it is the 'let's get together and give kate more work to do' committee. i am frustrated by them, but the kids are still wonderful and we've had a good year. the legos have been an enormous hit, pictures to come soon.

i bought a nintendo.

which i realize makes me about 25 years behind most of the world, or else i'm just really retro (glam lite as chris said). i have gotten totally hooked on super mario brothers and intend to go to sound-go-round to purchase dr. mario also. i cannot believe i am THIS hooked on the thing, but i am. and LOVE it!

and also, in much sadder news, i turn 30 in 4 months. perhaps the rapture will happen to save me from said fate. grr.


I know how you feel. I turn 30 in 2 and a half months. Agh!


9:31 AM  

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