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sometimes you get what you ask for.

last night, i went to see the davinci code with my friend j. while gone, i left the computer on and was on AIM. which i posted an away message and got a miriad of replies, mostly from those people known as 'my kids'. here is what my away message said:

going to run some errands, meeting j. for the davinci code, and then going home. probably i'll be around later... leave me some stories to read for when i get back.

and if you are a youth in the diocese of CNY-call the dio. office and tell them you want a youth conf. AND get the word out so we can actually make this happen for you guys. can't work it if we don't have you!

here is one of the messages i had when i returned. keep in mind, i asked for it...

KTLady222: once upon a time
KTLady222: there was a girl
KTLady222: that had a sister
KTLady222: that had a turtle
KTLady222: that had a cousin
KTLady222: that had a different owner
KTLady222: that died from exposure in the Rocky Mountains
KTLady222: The END

i think the turtle's cousin died. thank you katie. enlightening story. i appreciate it.

um, really.


i need to put a message like that up and see what happens. hehe.

12:51 AM  

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