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i am queen grumpy today.

so i needed to think of things that make me happy. here goes...
~ margaret: tonight at six oclock, it'll still be light outside.
~ and this weekend is NB and it is ALWAYS FANTASTIC! (good word susieb)
~ and it's supposed to be in the 60's.. which is more fantastic.
~ IM's are like my favorite thing today.
~ my friend zack is probably the kindest man i know. at least right now, since he didn't laugh when i burst into tears at his announcement of his engagement. (and i wouldn't blame him if he had at this moment.)
~ burt's bees
~ chris.
~ the cwob
~ patience
~ and i think right now, i'm going to get a shamrock shake. because it's march, and they are the best thing ever. mmmm.


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