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over the weekend rick and i had his nephew (the youngest) and nieces. oh my.
we picked them up friday night from their dad's mom's house. it was really late already (after 10) and they were wound. so friday we didn't get to bed until way after midnight. we slept in a bit on saturday morning, which is nice because we needed it at least.
on saturday rick went to work and i took the three kids to their grandma's house (rick's mom) to see her after her knee surgery (yes, both of our moms had knee injuries at the same time, i think i posted this info). then we went to the pool. getting the girls to change and all was easy, getting nephew to move it... not so much. i must have asked him to change 7-8 times. and finally, out of desperation to leave, i told him he could either come with us changed for swimming or wear what he had on and be hot. he was wearing long navy blue pants. he changed.

after playing at the pool for probably an hour and a half, we were hungry, so went home, changed, and went to mc d's. they needed socks on so they could play on the playplace. and they played. for almost two hours. this however did not wear them out. we went home, had dinner, and then went to a fair. still not tired.

sunday we went to church (sans rick) and then came home with the intention of going to the discovery center and then meeting rick at home to go swimming. they were semi-tired. enough to say that they'd rather just stay home and wait for rick. who arrived at 1:30, and we couldn't go swimming due to thunder in the distance. we played legos for almost 2 hours in there too. rock on legos! so we went to the discovery center. played for an hour and something. went home, had dinner, and took them to debras (friend of their mom's). now it was only 48 hours and it doesn't sound like a lot, but i was exhausted.

and yesterday, was outside helping hands at wegs. i am again today. soo tired. but happy to be outisde. i do know that they are relatively good kids. but tiring. and they don't pick up after themselves at all. not just clothes, but towels, dishes after meals, and tissues they've blown snot into. ew. please please please pick up your things. your trash. your dishes. do those belong there? i felt like slave labor. and niece #1 and nephew totally whine a lot and really don't like to do anything they are asked to do. really it should be nephew #2, as there is a 17 year old too. but he wasn't with us, and i know he actually would do most all of whatever he's asked. i remember grandma (dad's mom) saying that niece #1 is everybody's favorite. i like her, but i have to say that niece#2 is awesome. she listens. she's funny. and i won't say favorite (because someday that would come back to bite me in the rear) but she was a lot more agreeable and easy going that her sister. (which reminds me of miss j. ... i miss miss j. a yot).

also, any typos i've not fixed is due to the fact that rick has some special program running all the time so he can see the screen better. for some reason it makes my blogger post page yellow type on white. oi.


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