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so i spend some of my time (ok a lot of my time) while at work reading others' blogs. as it happens, they must read others's' blogs because they have links. occasionally i click on them and find someone i like, to read that is. one of them is kristy otherwise known as 'she just walks around with it'. she's honest and funny and real and realistic. which are two different things, and sometimes if you're lucky can be found in one person.

anyway, was reading her post about how she saw HottieHot on the MUNI (a bus service of some sort) this morning, and i decided to post a comment. she's wonderful and you should read her. but anyway, i like to also read what others' wrote, and read this one guy jed's comments. so then i decided to go to jed's page and read about him. it is there that i found this story... this dog has survived over 16 years in a basically toxic lifeless land. and what a dog he is. ...

i just wanted to share him with you, maybe we'll all be so lucky to never underestimate the unexpected.

(editor's note, i realize this story is 2 years old, i've checked on it, he has passed away, and they have erected a statue of this beloved beast in his honor, story here)


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