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it's been a long time since i posted something real. should get on that.
maria was here over both the last two weekends. we hiked, cooked, had margaritas, and i dragged her to church with me both saturday and sunday of the first weekend visit to help setup/rehearse for the youth service. which, btw, was a great service. the sanctuary looked fabulous, and i am hopeful that our message got through. i'm doubting it actually did, but hoping at the same time.

rick seems a lot perkier lately. i think having maria visit came at a good time. he had someone who can talk gadgets/computers/dogs with him, and i think it was good for him. as well, he has an interview tomorrow for a co-op, and has gone back to work. yay! we've talked about getting a dog, maybe a bulldog-esque type. because, despite my deep deep love of jack russells, a terrier would not fair well on my road/in our neighborhood. the whole running, sniffing, bullet our of a gun type dog doesn't work well when you live on a very busy road next to a fire station with big vehicles that can't see little dogs.

the youth group decided about 2 months ago that we'd go for a bike ride this past sunday. when my children say bike ride, they actually mean mountain cycling through the woods over 2' high roots causing my body to no longer remain on the bicycle. they are not funny.

i suppose that's the latest. bishop's ball in two weeks for the CNY'ers... at the cathedral, :) you know the drill, thinking of getting new dress for it, :) always fun to dress up :)


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