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just found a little quiz/questionare on she's very entertaining. :) thought i'd do a bit of answering myself on this stuff.... generally, i'm playing around online today. should be working. but playing is much more fun. :)

[Spell your first name backwards]: etak (unless you want the full name, then it's nyrhtak)
[How old?]: 27, for one more month
[Where do you live?]: upstate new york
[4 words that sum you up]: friendly, outgoing, loving, tired. (overtired right now)

[Wallet]: it's tiny. holds just the cards i need. license, bank card, wegmans card, etc. some money.
[Hairbrush]: oval shaped, black and silver.
[Toothbrush]: small, periwinkle colored oral-b.
[Jewelry worn daily]:right hand, my grandmothers wedding ring and a ring from a friend in college. (grandmas is the only yellow gold i own, the others are all silver or white gold). left hand, two rings, one wide and odd shaped, the other is a small, thin band with a star-sapphire inside a heart. ears, one hoop and one stud per ear (silver hoops, and 'diamond' studs). one hoop with bead in cartilege of left ear. also i am now wearing a bracelet from the youth conf. i staffed. it's made of climbing rope. red, with yellow and blue flecks in it. there are 29 other people wearing them too.
[Pillow cover]: white martha stewart :)
[Blanket]: down comforter, white cover.
[Coffee cup]: thornfield mug. ALWAYS
[Sunglasses]: three different ones, all black, jackie-o-esque, ones that don't look like sunglasses, but they are and i love them, they just look like reg. glasses, and ones that are dark grey.
[Underwear]: black. with lace.
[Shoes]: today flipflops. tomorrow, same thing. well, except at the store. must have sneakers on then.
[Handbag] : alternates often. although really my wallet has a strap.
[Favorite top] : t-shirts. black or white.
[Favorite pants] : jeans usually. although i bought fun khaki green ones from old navy and i love them.
[Cologne/Perfume] : egyptian musk
[CD in stereo right now] : caedmon's call, only hope
[Tattoos] : none currently. have thought about it though.
[Piercings] : 3 in left lobe, 2 in right. have debated the toungue often.
[What you are wearing now] : jeans, white sleeveless top with shirring on the front, flipflops
[Hair] : shoulder length, light brown, pulled back a bit today, just the top.
[Makeup] : foundation, eyeliner, mascara.

WHO or WHAT (was/is/are):
[In my mouth] : nothing. was eating wheatables with cheese and pretend 'canadian bacon'
[In my head] : a headache. still.
[Wishing] : i had a better job. and wasn't so tired.
[After this] : going home. maybe a movie later. dealing with the cat that found me sunday.
[Talking to] : myself. or henry, the cat.
[Eating:] : as i said, nothing now.
[Fetishes] : do backrubs count? i could use one now. RIGHT now.
[If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason?] : um, yikes. no one. really.
[Person you wish you could see right now] : mom. just to assure myself she's ok.
[Is next to you] : no one, in my office.
[Some of your favorite movies] : bring it on, mary poppins.
[Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming months] : finding a better job. my birthday, well... maybe.
[Something that you are deathly afraid of?] : losing my mom.
[Do you like candles] : yes
[Do you like hot wax] : no
[Do you like incense] : love it.
[Do you like the taste of blood] : nope.
[Do you believe in love] : yes. definitely.
[Do you believe in soul mates] : i think so.
[Do you believe in love at first sight] : no.
[Do you believe in Heaven] : yes
[Do you believe in forgiveness] : yes.
[Do you believe in God] : absolutely.
[What do you want done with your body when you die] : cremated.
[Who is your worst enemy?] : some days it's my brother. i love him, but no one can piss me off like him.
[If you could have any animal for a pet] : sagey-puppa.
[What is the latest you've ever stayed up] : 36+ hours during a famine.
[Ever been to Belgium?] : no.
[Can you eat with chopsticks] : somewhat.
[What's your favorite coin?] : maryland quarters :)
[What are 5 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to?] : rochester, b'more, eastern shore (which is more than 3 cities, so i guess that would cover the rest), but also syracuse, and ithaca
[What are some of your favorite pig out foods?] : candy corn, cheese fries (yay for mon. night wings!), chocolate. anything chocolate.
[What's something that you wish people would understand?] : that i am capable, i do try, and i need a break. or help. either one.
[What's something you wish you could understand better?] : sign language.
[Anyone you miss that you haven't seen in a long time?] : Z, sydney, stacey, tim b.
[What's one thing you want to make happen for tomorrow?] : shorter workday. rick's coming home.


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