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apoligies to rick. i did say pink is my new favorite color... sorry love. but i hate to say it, blue will always be me. and so he didn't do as well on the silly quiz. ...which reminds me, shaun... how did you do that??? seriously. did you take it over????? the scoring is impossible. punk mother.

in other news... mom's almost done with chemo. she has completed her sixth chemo and is feeling all right this week. she's got 2 left and then we all plan to party bigtime. (she's actually planning this and has asked her yoga instructor, who's awesome, to come to the party, and he's scheduling a special class that day for everyone to come to! :D what a riot) anyway, then she'll have radiation treatment everyday for a month or so, very concentrated, and then she should be free!! i'm proud of her. i know this has been really hard on her, her body and her work and everything. but she has come through it like a champion. i'm so lucky to have her as my mom.

we'll have to join the breast cancer walk or the susan g. komen 5k run next year. i did always want to be in a marathon, and i can't think of a better one to do. i was watching the early show (as i do every morning) the day of the race. and they were talking about women who have ribbons on their hats ~ one for each year of being cancer free. we haven't completed a year, but it feels like we've all just climbed everest. not that i even did much, but at the same time it does feel like i've just breathed my first relaxing breath from all this. we're more than halfway done, she's almost ready to start radiation. everything seems to be fine. ... it was just so scary. the idea of losing my mom is an overwhelming thought. i cannot function without my mom. to even think about it... reduces me to tears.

i had found this card for her for a birthday that i lost in my mess of papers and such. i found it again recently. it says 'what can i give to the woman who gave me the world just by smiling at me?' ... she has. so many times over.. rescued me, helped me, watched me, listened to me, been there for me. for far more than i realized a parent was 'supposed' to.

and until rick, i hadn't known that i could love another person like that.

another quote 'to love and be loved is to feel the sun on both sides' ...or something similar to that. how lucky i am to have the warmth of the sun surrounding me.


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