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~ lifehouse

i am so drawn to this song so much. i think it may be the simplicity and strength of it... i tend to be drawn to such things. simplicity in my life is a good thing, strength is something i strive for. neither of which i harbor much of, i realize, or at least in my opinion, but both i am drawn to. ...

you don't know why they had to go this far
traded your worth for these scars...
...don't believe the lies that they told to you

not one word was true

you're all right you're all right you're all right

something about the words get me. about last summer. about the daily struggles my church is facing, that i am facing. about the blinders certain ... authorities seem to be wearing, ...not one word was true.

i am all right.

i may have made mistakes. i may have walked paths i shouldn't have. i may have just simply messed things up sometimes. but it's never been so bad that i have deserved what has happened.

the thing about it all is, i'm playing victim. ... sort of. i know i didn't deserve it. but it happened. i'm stronger now. i pay attention more and am so much more aware of the things i want and need in employment, relationships, friendships, and so on.

i guess what i know at this point is i am so very happy with someone. and i am looking forward to our future. ;)


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