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best day of the year

today is the best day
not because of the date or because of something that's going to happen today to me or that i'm going to do, but because of what it's doing.

outside, as i drove to work, i saw piles of pathetic snow. snow that had clearly seen better days just a few days ago. snow that was now falling, and becoming holey

and melting.




i am so excited because this means we will in fact have spring. it makes me smile to see the snow piles being to droop and fail and water in tiny rivers run across the streets and through drainage ditches. i am enjoying the fact that i am squinting a bit to type because the sun in bouncing off tricia's car and the parking lot has puddles.
i see water dripping off the icicles and want to go out and watch them continue to shrink. mmmm ...
hurrah for spring!
hurrah for sun!
hurrah for the fact that it's 35 degrees out!
and hurrah that that's all it takes to make me happy today!

(although i admit a lot of my happiness is because a certain someone has entered my life... and he's pretty great. i like him a lot.)


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