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so i'm staying at my church. and i'm being set up by a friend. and i'm happy to report my mom is ok. and the surgery went well. and maybe she is cancer free. i hope. and i pray too.

i miss the girls. i never thought in the midst of bickering over hair ties and who got to see mom last i would miss them. but i really do. i miss the simplicity of the life as a nanny. the daily things of getting ready for school, of brushing hair, of taking tubbies and making beds. feeding sage, miss j. in the van on the way home from school, her songs and stories. little stuff that in the grand scheme of life is really seemingly unimportant. but was my everyday for a year. i miss my girls. what was mundane, perhaps, is what i desire now.

what i miss the most is jenna asking if she could sit on my yap.

i wish i had more chances to say yes.


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