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i know i keep posting back to being episcopal and what that means today. but it is so foremost in my mind... it is hard to not post about it. at the moment, my entire Church (big c) is struggling internally as well as with the outside forces (media, other Churches, etc) about the decision made months ago at General Convention. last weekend was my diocese's annual meeting, and that struck a chord in i think everyone who was in attendance. there was a very long winded statement made by a certain person, who will remain anonymous, and this person was backed by approximately 15 people in the diocese. this meeting btw, is open to anyone who wants to attend. my assumption therefore is that they got everyone who would attend who believes as they do, to come and stand with her. out of 93 churches, only 15 people stood in agreement that our diocese, indeed our bishop made the wrong decision in his vote for bishop v. gene robinson.

at the end of all the resolutions and whatnot, a priest from pulaski stood and delivered a statement to our bishop that boils down to our pride in serving with him. he received a standing ovation.

i KNOW that what my Church has done is currently not the popular choice by the conservative Christian entity. nor is it one any political conservatives see as a right decision either. but i believe in my Church. i believe in it's strength, in the choice that was made about something that is NOT a choice. i believe in the people i work with. ...and right now, i am honored to be a part of the staff of st. paul's. it makes me proud that i work for the rev. .... she is ... awesome.

and i am thankful that my Church took the step it took. we are the first to make this step, and the ones who will in the end always get the most flak for it. but we won't be the last. i harbor deep faith in my sisters and brothers of the lutheran and methodist traditions who are offering their love and support right now. and who i know i will have to offer the same over to over the next 5 years as they ... well, i'll leave it at that.

in other news, margaritas are by far the greatest liquid concoction ever created. i am thankful for the tequila and the mexican people for mixing it with lime. mmmm. and it isn't that i drink them often, or that i drink a lot of them when i do have any, but i so needed to have something that good. himiny. chai would have done just as good. i've been feeling overwhelmed by all the ongoings in my church, my Church, my work, my kids, my life. i don't understand how i got here. i'm still in a bit of a descisive stage in my life... and i'm figuring things out. what i can say is, things aren't going to be in this phase for long.


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