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being back in V. A.

it hasn't been bad, i don't work right now!! whoop whoop! :) (you know!) and so it has been pretty nice to be still. i did get a lot done for camp, but so much more to do... so although i didn't want to come back in many ways, i am and it's good. and seeing nanny #6 with the girls, she's tougher than me. (maybe because they wore me down, i don't know), but i'm glad to see that. they need it. :) so i'm hearing her and silently saying 'way to be k.'

church will be tough, my actual last sunday here... but i'll resist the urge to cry out 'my babies' when the seniors are announced .... well, i'll try.

one more thing, the best thing about being home, being with good people. NY'ers may be bitchy at times, we may be pushy and and a bit snobby... but when you really look at it, we aren't. (that's our image to the outsiders) and i hate to sound almost as though i've gotten southernist (think ageist or sexist but with the south), but i am a yankee and i miss that. b., thanks. my family, you're the bestest. my church, i love you. my kids, you rock. *sigh* i know i'm going to love richmond, but i know i'll eventually be back in NY. love it so much. himiny. (pookie, that phrase, we'll never get rid of it... what is that anyway??)


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